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Centura X-Ray Video Library




Right For Today, Ready For Tomorrow:

Carestream's DRX Plus Detector Demo

DRX Plus 3543 for general radiology is faster, lighter and more reliable, as compared to the DRX-1 Detectors, and there is also the DRX Plus 3543C for pediatrics and other dose-sensitive applications.


Right For Today, Ready For Tomorrow:

Carestream's DRX-Retrofit Kit

Keep your existing mobile system in action with Carestream's DRX-Retrofit Kit for added speed, convenience and quality. Upgrading is easy with the DRX-Revolution and wireless DRX Detectors that can be used in existing X-ray rooms.


Ready For Today, Ready For Tomorrow:

Upgrading to Digital with DRX-Ascend

Combining Carestream's Ascend and Vita CR System can easily replace your film based X-ray room with digital imaging. When the time comes to go to DR, simply replace your Vita CR with an Ascend DR upgrade to create a fully integrated digital X-ray room.


Right For Today, Ready For Tomorrow:

Carestream's Classic CR System

Going digital is easy with Carestream's Classic CR System. It's small, easy to install, and simple to use and when you're ready to go to completely digital you can retrofit your room to DR with our DRX-1 System.


Volvo Trucks

The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

 Carestream DRX-Revolution's Version

The Epic Split feat. Bones

Bones stretches out his legs to carry out a split between two reversing DRX-Revolutions.


Centura X-Ray Demo:
Analog X-Ray Room to Digital with Tethered DR Cassette 


Turning Analog to Digital


Tethered DR vs Wireless DR from Genesis Digital Imaging


Comparing Tethered vs. Wireless DR


Carestream DirectView Vita CR Demo

Charlie Hicks, Product Line Manager for Carestream's Desktop CR Systems explains the benefits of the DIRECTVIEW Vita CR System.












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